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Paolo 父 Dicanio

In truth, it’s been a while, but recently I noticed a wave of contacts on Facebook with 父 fu4 between their first and last names. This left me absolutely perplexed because I knew that none of these people had any idea that 父 is ‘father’ in Chinese. What, then, could explain why these people all had 父, father, in their Facebook names?

Random example of the 父

I tried to think of possible reasons. It it for Father’s Day? No, that was long one. Are they all fathers? Well, no, there was one guy I knew didn’t have any kids, and I think I even saw one woman with this in her name. Then it hit me.


The source of my confusion

They’re all West Ham fans like me. The 父 looked like the crossed hammers to them; 父 had absolutely nothing to do with fu4 or fatherhood.

I never said that I was quick.